Legal Media Services

Having worked extensively with the insurance and legal industries, True Note Media has years of experience navigating through highly regulated environments that require the utmost accuracy, efficiency, sensitivity, and discretion.

Our teams consist of individuals highly skilled in video production, graphic design, and trial presentation, who are extremely familiar with the extensive needs and demands of attorneys.

  • Deposition Video
  • Video Settlement Brochures
  • Mediation Presentations
  • Video Editing & Tape Duplications
  • Expert Consulting & Testimonial
  • Stills from Video
  • Accident Scene Videos
  • Day in the Life Video
  • Scene Re-enactments
  • Product and Industrial Inspection & Demonstrations

Day-In-The-Life Documentary

When utilized in a settlement case, True Note Media’s video documentary style can transform your client’s complaint into an effective legal video presentation highlighting the opposing party’s liability and increasing your client’s damages. We provide the tools to create perusasive cases by presenting the tangibles and intangibles of your client’s case with professional narration, expert witness interviews, before and after photographs, day-in-the-life video footage and more. Our legal production experience allows us to create a compelling video settlement presentation that individualizes your client’s case in a way that the written word simply cannot do.

Settlement Video Presentation

Settlement video presentations can often help win the case before you ever go to trial. When presenting a professionally produced settlement program that represents both “liability” and “loss” issues that you, the attorney, bring to the case, opposing counsel may decide to avoid the risk of going to court. A settlement video is typically produced for negotiation agreements.

Site Inspection Videos & Photography

This covers a wide area including environmental, safety, construction and engineering issues. Many times an engineer or investigator will make notes or measurements on camera and note their findings. Some inspections require videotape to be shot every week over extnded periods to document progress or change in conditions.

Post Production Services


  • YesLaw
  • Trial Director
  • DepoView
  • Adobe Premier

Formats Include:

  • MPEG-1 Video
  • DVD Video
  • MPEG-4 Video
  • Custom